Who I am

I’m a poet and genre writer of the aspiring kind. Writing is my lifeblood, and coffee, too.

Other than that, I’m a German fast approaching 40, with a love of fantasy, literature, languages, medieval-anything, and games.

What I write

My poetry is mixed: fantasy-themed and real-life-based, formal and free-style, old-school and contemporary, haiku and adaptations of Old English / Germanic alliterative style. I’ve got a particular love of those. And I love to write in-character, especially (but not only) for the fantasy-themed pieces.

About this site

I’ve had writing blogs before, not under my real name and scattered across the web, but since I’ve been getting more serious about my writing, I’ve decided it’s time for a more serious website, as well. This is it.

For now, this place is brand-new and heavily under construction, but please make yourselves at home in the rubble.