Who i am

I’m a poet and genre writer of the aspiring kind as well as a hobby photographer.

Other than that, I love literature, languages, urban landscapes, the cyberpunk genre, medieval-anything, and games.

What I write

Poetic forms of various traditions, contemporary free-style verse, you name it. Favourites I always return to are Germanic / Old English alliterative style (or my take from a current English angle with a lot of artistic freedom) and haiku, but I also like to play with classic metre and rhyme constructs.

Subject matter varies, from the urban contemporary to classic topics, journeys back in time, and fantastical settings.

I also frequently write in-character.

My photography

Urban photography is my favourite. Street photography and urban landscapes and curiosities and anything I can find.

Once in a while, nature lures, so you’ll find those images, too. Nature can be pretty great (in manageable doses).

There’ll also be the occasional mobile snapshot because sometimes that’s what you’ve got.

About this site

I’ve had writing and photography blogs before, not under my real name and scattered across the web, but since I’ve been getting more serious about my art, I’ve decided it’s time for a more serious website, as well. This is it.

For now, this place is brand-new and heavily under construction, but please make yourselves at home in the rubble.